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Washbrooks Farm, Hurstpierpoint

As you may know already, we absolutely love going to a farm and with the weather getting slightly warmer, it’s the perfect thing to do together on our Fridays off. I’d heard about Washbrooks Farm from a few friends and had been meaning to stop by, but never got round to it. So last Friday we took a little trip to see the animals and had a fantastic time, even though it was threatening to rain the whole time we were there.

Wide view of Farm with sun in background

Washbrooks Farm is located on the M23 towards Hurstpierpoint and is very easy to find. I had a mild panic on the way there as I had no battery on my phone and didn’t want to get lost. But it is very simple – just follow the signs to Hurstpierpoint and the farm is on the left-hand side of the main road. As you approach, there is a lot of parking outside and just a short walk into the farm.

At this point I realised I’d made a major mistake and forgotten to bring Emma’s wellies – try not to do this! The car park area is quite muddy ground especially if it’s been raining and it just makes good sense in general to bring wellies to a farm…but I’m always the mother who forgets the most essential item so hey ho. We made it work and I had to do some major dissuasion to stop Emma from jumping in deep puddles like she’s seen in Peppa Pig with only a minor tantrum.

Emma looking into glass at Farm with her reflection We were greeted at the top of the car park by a lovely lady, also called Emma who explained to us where everything is and showed us the cafe. You have to walk through a little gate and can ramble around the park as you like. It was perfect for toddlers who are on their feet as there’s no reason they can’t walk around wherever they like.

The first little section was a beautiful green area with geese, who were pretty noisy – Emma was a little put out by that! And opposite this area, they have a barn with little trikes for the kids to play. I took one look at it and thought how perfect this is, particularly if you’re coming with a group of toddlers – there’s so many things to keep them occupied. Ahead of this area was a toddler playground area with a climbing frame and slide plus baby swings, a huge sandpit and a big trampoline cushions. Round the corner there was also an obstacle course and 3 huge trampolines – so if James had been with us, that alone would have kept him entertained! Emma had great fun showing her Daddy how she can now navigate the climbing frame and slide all by herself these days…

Beyond the play area there is a barn with ducks, a pig, donkeys, cows, goats and chickens – which was great fun. Emma went completely quiet and was mesmerised by it all, studying every little section for at least half an hour. I love that this part of the farm is under-cover too so you can run for shelter when it rains. Next door to the barn, there was a little area for tractor rides that run twice a day for 50p per child.

Ducks and Geese at Farm

As well as being a brilliant farm, it was the landscape that really took my breath away. It’s situated in a valley and you can walk around the grounds for as long as you like, and could easily spend half a day here with the kids. Emma loved being able to walk around and we sat down making sandcastles for the first time too – her Daddy really enjoyed getting stuck in, as she pointed to where she wanted the sandcastle to go.

Emma sitting in sandpit at the Farm

Emma running towards swings at Washbrooks FarmAfter a while we started to get tired, so decided to grab a cup of coffee in the cafe and warm up. I absolutely loved the cafe, with brightly coloured table cloths and a good selection of food and drink on offer. The grown ups got coffee and Emma got homemade shortbread which she devoured in minutes. We discovered her new love of biscuits here! I was really impressed that they also offer an after-school meal for children who live closeby and thought it would be a wonderful thing to do after school.

We had a fantastic day out at Washbrooks Farm and will definitely be returning soon. The farm is open everyday from 9:30am-5pm and costs £7.50 for adults, £6.50 for seniors & children over 3 and is free for under-3’s.


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  1. March 17, 2017 / 9:02 pm

    What a lovely post, looks like such a great adventure, I love the after school meal idea and thank you so much for joining in #MyFamilyAdventures –

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