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What’s In My Toddler’s Day Bag?

When Emma was a baby, I bought a nappy bag that I loved – it had what seemed like 64 compartments. It was a pretty awesome bag and I packed everything I could think of so getting ready to go out was so easy – I didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything and as long as I remembered to replace any nappies we used while we were out, nothing could possibly be forgotten.

As time went on, I would stumble across an old bib in the bag and it was like a reality check. Emma is now a toddler, why on earth are you lugging this enormous bag around with you? We’ve also been going on days out much more regularly so the heavy bag is getting a bit cumbersome. So I begun to have a look inside and clear out some of the things we no longer need. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty shocked with what was inside…as well as 3 of the lids to baby bottles, I also found 5 Nurofen syringes and 3 forks. Clearing out the bag was the toddler version of the Marie Kondo declutter and here is what we’re left with:

-Changing mat, nappies and nappy sacks: I have got in the habit of always taking 3 nappies, although we never use all of them!

-1 change of clothes: Emma is a big fan of those big puddles (cheers Peppa) so a change of clothes is always a good idea. I also sometimes take her splashsuit with us too, in case the swing or slide is wet.

-Plasters: We’ve been pretty lucky so far as Emma is so steady on her feet and hasn’t fallen over very much. But the last few weeks, I noticed that she’s a bit over-confident and is scraping her knees every so often. I’ve bought some novelty plasters, which she is very happy about!

-Calpol: It’s quite unusual we’d need calpol while we’re out, but you just never know. It’s a peace of mind to know it’s with us in case we need it.

-Suncream: Brighton often gets sunny all of a sudden so I’ve been carrying around a roll-on suncream in our bag. It makes it so easy to apply as it’s never a toddler’s favourite thing to have to do.

-Hat: When I moved to Brighton, my other half reminded me that a hat is so important. It really is, as it’s often super windy down on the beach.

-Sunglasses: We got a pair of sunglasses for Emma’s birthday and it’s such a great idea for those sunny days.

-Water: Park life is thirsty work so we carry around her sippy cup with water to rehydrate when we have the chance.

-Snacks: Usually I’ll carry a box of raisins or a packet of Bear Nibbles (Emma loves the mango and carrot claws) and a Babybel cheese.

Now that’s what I call a declutter! We now have a much smaller bag to carry around with us. In fact it’s so small that Emma insists on carrying it herself, and it perches on her lap as she’s sat in the buggy. But that’s all we need if we go out for a few hours and it’s so lovely to have lightened our load.

What do you carry in your toddler bag?


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