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Arundel Castle & Gardens, West Sussex

Arundel Castle & Gardens is a place I’ve wanted to visit for such a long time. Back when I was a teenager, we came here with my family and it’s not surprising it’s been etched in my memory. Even if you’re only passing the turn off for Arundel, it’s impossible to miss the beautiful view of the castle from the turn-off. The other week, the sun was shining brightly and we decided to visit the castle that has been on my to-do list for so long.

Back in January, I decided to visit somewhere new with Emma every Friday, which is my day off working. We’ve been discovering Sussex, Surrey and beyond for the past five months – if you’d like to have a look at our previous weeks, you can follow this link to our Friday adventures. It’s been a wonderful challenge to take up and really opened my eyes to how much there is to see around our county, as we usually go to the same spots in Brighton!

Wide shot of Arundel Castle with Emma pointing to it

an easy family day out

The journey to arrive at Arundel Castle & Gardens was very simple from Brighton. You head along the A27 past Worthing and follow signs towards Portsmouth. It is about 25 miles away from where we live and take about 45 minutes to get there, which is a little longer than some of our previous days trips. But when we arrived, it was very easy to find parking and the entrance  to the Arundel Castle was only across the road, plus I spotted a park next door for the win.

One thing I had not accounted for was the sheer size of Arundel Castle – we could have been walking around the grounds for half a day. I was so glad my other half was with me and if you’re like us with a toddler, who loves running around but gets tired…bring the buggy! It was a godsend that we did, especially in the heat as she inevitably hit a wall at one stage and needed to sit down pronto.

Emma stood in doorway of big red door at Arundel Castle

value for money in a stunning location

The castle itself was simply breathtaking. It was one of the first castles I’d been too where I could really imagine it hundreds of years ago being exactly the same. To say there is lots to see is a massive understatement. There is a huge maze-like garden with water fountains that Emma loved. We threw a penny in for good luck a few times and she just adored seeing all the flowers. I loved that you could either make a whole day of it, or just see a few things and it would still be excellent value for money.

Arundel Castle & Gardens is open from April 1st til October 29th only and I was so glad to have seen it in the Spring-Summer months. The flowers were stunning and the field of poppies and rapeseed we saw, just took my breath away. The ticket prices are tiered according to what parts of the garden you have access to. We opted for Bronze at £11 each (under 5’s go for free). The silver tier is priced at £13, gold tier is £18 and gold plus is £20 per person.

Emma running towards Arundel Castle

Landscape wide shot of a field of poppies and rapeseed at Arundel Castle West Sussex

what did we think?

After our walk around the castle, we decided it was time for a tea break. We headed to the medieval themed tea rooms. I bought us some water and a Magnum to share. Emma proceeded to eat all the chocolate and hand me the ice-cream, which I thought worked out quite well. The tea room had lots of tables to cater for everyone and I thought the tea room staff were so helpful  too. We loved our visit to Arundel Castle & Gardens and would highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: We purchased two adult tickets for the purpose of this review, this was not written in collaboration with Arundel Castle. All opinions and views are my own.

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