Bridie has been my other half’s nickname for me ever since we met – he tells me it’s an Irish thing (he’s Irish by the way). My real name is Bridget and I’m mama to almost one year old Emma and stepson, James.

About Emma: born in Spring 2015, she’s just started walking and feeling very proud of herself – the world is her oyster and she will walk everywhere, no matter how tiring that gets. Loves risotto, cheese, raspberries and giggling at her big brother.

About James: 13 years old, mad about all things football and always on hand to teach us the latest app or explain Snapchat to me (again). He adores his little sister and is endlessly patient – he’s still the only one who can make Emma laugh from the belly!

About us: we met in 2009 working on  TV series that was so disastrous, we were both sent to breaking point. But the silver lining is that stuff is bonding and soon after we fell in love. After 5 years of trekking up and down from Brighton to London to see each other, we now live together in the seaside town and can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner! About my better half: he’s the tidy one and rolls his eyes at my Floor-drobe, always whistling and forever having to repeat his jokes til I give him credit for their funniness.



I started blogging in 2014 over at The Noble Foodie – I found a real passion for cooking and taking photos, which became a hobby. I love looking at other people’s blogs and thought I’d give it a go!

In 2015 Jim and I decided to have a baby, and naively I didn’t think things would change that much. I loved blogging and our life in Brighton; I had visions of me writing in a seaside cafe while our little one sleeps in the pram. Now that we’re here – that vision makes me cackle – life has changed so much that it’s been turned on its head, but in the best way possible.

Nowadays I blog about getting to grips with this mamahood thing, our family life and anything I love such as music and books, through to products that make my life that bit easier. So grab a cuppa and have a little read 🙂

I’d love to hear from you , so please don’t hesitate to say hello via email at hello@bridiebythesea.com or over on Twitter. For my media kit and to read more about my recent collaborations, right this way


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